Founded in 2304 by the Terran Republic, Europa, Russian Aruvey and The Tripple Republic to form a supernational entity to represent mankind on the galactic stage. The Democratic Federation of Humanity ideals were laid out by Horatio Phenton, and it aims to advance the growth of the human pecies, its culture and way of life across the stars, while protecting it from any outside threats. Due to it originating in the heartland of human space it stood as the dominant political power in human space, possessing a monopoly on technology and the human population. It was one of the two major factions that took part in the Charon War and was ultimatly defeated by the Imperial Union disolving into the Federation Holdouts




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The Democratic Federation mechanised forces were fairly extensive during its heyday through to the Charon War. Initially they were extensively dominated by Mechanised Tanks as the Federation felt it was necessary to maintain a diverse if flexible armed force with high firepower. But after casualties in close range combats remained an issue the commanding officers specialised most of their mechs for long range combat to prevent major losses of skilled pilots. As a result the Mechanised Turret was created to promote and standardise this mentality in warfare, eliminate opponents at long range before they can hit your own troops.

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